The Way the House Smells

The house smells of tonight’s activities.  We created so many wonderful and savory appetizers.  From the quick divine bit of smoked duck and pear to the absolute sinfulness of blue cheese and caramelized onions.  The curry, the sausage, the caramelized onions, the crunchy sweet & spicy nuts, the mulled wine, the blue cheese.  Tonight was an orchestra of flavors and textures!  It was a sensation of curries and onions and sweet and spicy.  Appetizers to suit everyone’s taste buds.  All the smells are wafting up the back stairway as I sit here and type.  The smells of cooking are one of the most wonderful take aways.  I imagine when I open my bedroom door to come down for my morning tea – that I will still smell curry.  It will make me smile.  Smells bring back wonderful memories.

But now, I am sipping a glass of wine.  I am reflecting on the evening.  Reflecting on the people and the activities. The dishwasher is running.  The dog is snorkling in the chair beside me in the reading room.   There are remnants of glassware yet to be washed.  The savory tidbits of leftovers are tucked away for us to enjoy over the next few days.  The sound of friends and laughter and the clatter of the kitchen and the cooking rings still in my ears.

What I know about this gathering is that it is positive energy.  It is bringing a different group of people together each week.  Some are quite skilled in the kitchen, some are just getting their feet wet.  But it is all a positive energy.  It is a gathering of souls and personalities.  It is a celebration of food and conversation.  It is about learning and sharing.  It is about laughter.  It is about hands on.  It is about taste and smell and pleasure.  It is about wonderful company and people creating something in common.

Recipes go up this weekend.  Share them; cook them; change them.  Hopefully I can add some good pictures of our time together tonight.  Thank you to our photographer!  I look forward to and welcome your comments.  We now have two weeks off.  Enjoy your Thanksgiving.  Cook something new!

I will bring new ideas home from Germany.  Cabbage? Schnitzel?  Apple Strudel?  The days are growing shorter.  The weather colder.  Time to snuggle in and explore some comfort food.


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I am passionate about food and cooking from the feel of it to the smell and preparation of it. That is only the beginning! Then there is the serving of it with the right table setting and guests to join in. View all posts by Kimberly's Cuisine

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