The Reason I Love to Go Out!

I mentioned this in class this week and last night once again I discovered it was true.  The reason I like to go out is not only to have a break from cooking and just relax, but also because I discover new foods and new ways to prepare foods.  G and I both had a long hard week and wanted to just relax and have some dinner at one of our favorite Portland restaurants – Fore Street.  We have become regulars over our years here and whether we eat in the dining room with the family or perch at the bar for an intimate cozy adult evening – the food never fails us and the servers always take good care of us.

Because we like taste treats, we frequently share a few things and accompany them with wine tasting treats provided by our favorite sommelier.

The winners last night were the fall tasting platter, the Jonah crab and squash soup and the creme brulee with a ginger cookie.  The tasting platter had black trumpet mushrooms with toasted pine nuts, roasted spicy and sweet tiny carrots on a bed of arugula, a dense wild mushroom (the name of which I now forget),  sautéed chanterelles and a wonderful pickled slaw made of kohlrabi.  Now I must admit I have never eaten kohlrabi before, but have always been intrigued by it.  It was crunchy, flavorful and wonder.  So today at the farmers market we bought some to experiment with.  I will let you know how it goes.  Kohlrabi came to the United States from Europe. It’s name literally means cabbage-turnip.  It comes in white, actually green, and purple varieties.

The beauty of the crab and squash soup is that is was rich and smooth and the bits of Jonah crab simply melted into it and provide a bit of texture and a delicately salty flavor to the sweet squash.

To top off our luxurious tasting menu – we splurged with a creme brulee – perfectly torched and a dense, not to sweet old fashioned ginger cookie sprinkled with powdered sugar.  What could prove more delightful to your taste buds as we begin the march to the holidays?


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I am passionate about food and cooking from the feel of it to the smell and preparation of it. That is only the beginning! Then there is the serving of it with the right table setting and guests to join in. View all posts by Kimberly's Cuisine

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