Cookie Box Time

I am thinking it would be great fun to gather for a special class devoted to making cookies for the holidays!  I would like to make it an all day affair on a Saturday and set aside 2-3 hours in the afternoon to kids, who accompanied by an adult – could come help make and decorate sugar and ginger cookies!   Cookie Boxes are wonderful and there are more than enough varieties to choose from – in fact half the fun is deciding which cookies to put in the box.  I usually bake at least 6-8 kinds and toss in some rum balls or chocolate covered brandy cherries to boot!  Pretty boxes, pretty cookies, wrap them up as a taste treat. In addition I would like to offer a Sunday class devoted to Biscotti.    Hmmmm… much holiday fun and baking ahead.


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I am passionate about food and cooking from the feel of it to the smell and preparation of it. That is only the beginning! Then there is the serving of it with the right table setting and guests to join in. View all posts by Kimberly's Cuisine

One response to “Cookie Box Time

  • Francine

    Oh…wish I could participate! I’m thinking of doing Cookie Boxes for the first time this year. Would love to hear (and see) how the class goes for inspiration! Have fun…

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