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It has Been Too Long!

Well, after much time, a long summer gone by and the leaves falling, the holidays approaching and pressure from friends and family – I am going back to cooking classes and blogging. It is not that I ever stopped cooking mind you – I just got way behind on putting up posts with recipes. What I found is that class prep itself was a lot of work, to say nothing of managing the photos that were either taken by me or friends. Alas – I couldn’t manage it all with my full-time job.
Life is a bit calmer (really?) now and I am in the mood for some blogging and certainly in the mood for more classes!
Last weekend we had a Cooking Class Reunion and what a great time it was. I prepped the meal on my own (with a lot of help from my secret sous chefs) and we feasted on Edamame Dip, Caramelized Leek and Bacon dip, Spanish Fried Almonds and some delicious cheeses to whet our appetites.
Dinner consisted of Pork Loin stuffed with Fennel, accompanied by Roasted Butternut Squash Risotto, Applesauce stuffed Baby Pumpkins and a tossed green Salad with seasonal fruits added.
After gorging on that spread we topped it off with Pecan Bars that would send you into a diabetic coma if over consuming and a wonderful Carrot Cake with a Lime Marscapone Icing.
All in all it was a great gathering and I look forward to gathering again as a group and taking on some new food challenges together.